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Current Ohio Electric Suppliers

Duke Energy
Ohio Edison
Cleveland Electric
Ohio Power
Columbus Southern Power
Dayton Power + Light
Toledo Edison
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OH Electric Rates By City


About OH Electric Rates


    OH Residential Electric Rates


    Welcome to OH Electric Rates.com your residential online energy marketplace which provides you multiple alternative energy suppliers electric rate offersOH Electric Rates.com is a division of US Electric Rates.com. US Electric rates researches the alternative Energy Generation Suppliers(EGS) in the deregulated markets, such as, AEP Columbus Southern, AEP Ohio Power, Cleveland Illuminating, Dayton Power and Light, Duke Energy, Ohio Edison, and Toledo Edison, to bring you reputable energy suppliers who are at the top of their industry.  We bring these reputable energy suppliers competitive electric rates to the residential and commercial customers. OH Electric Rates.com provides you with competitive electricity pricing versus your local utility, which provides you the opportunity to reduce your energy costs. OH Electric Rates.com feature suppliers who offer electric fixed rates, month to month(variable), and green electric rate offers for the residential and commercial electric customers.  OH Electric Rates.com provides the electric consumer the power to switch and save on their monthly and yearly energy costs. In the advent of electric deregulation the consumer can now benefit by shopping their electric through available suppliers within their local utility.  Trust in OH Electric Rates.com to supply you with the best possible electric rates that are available to you in your service area.


    Once you complete the Get Started form you will be on your way to Compare! Click! And Save!


    OH Commercial Electric Rates


    Welcome to OH Electric Rates.com your commercial energy marketplace. OH Electric Rates.com is division of US Electric Rates.comOH Electric Rates.com works assists small to large commercial businesses and industry with the management of their energy expense overhead.  Through our services we help business and industry sort through, what seems to be an abundance of suppliers all claiming to be the best.  We assist business and industry in the these Ohio local utilities: AEP Columbus Southern, AEP Ohio Power, Cleveland Illuminating, Dayton Power and Light, Duke Energy, Ohio Edison, and Toledo Edison.  Our proven expertise as brokers in the ever growing competitive electric market will help you find the alternative electric energy supplier who is the best fit with the best electric rate for your need for energy.  OH Electric Rates.com saves the time your personal would need to effectively shop your business through plethora of available alternative energy suppliers.  Shopping for commercial electric rate offers differs from shopping for your residential electric rate offers.  To properly find your business the best going rate on the market we need to provide the electric suppliers with the key information that allows them to obtain the historical usage and electric peak load contributions. By obtaining the historical usage and peak load contributions the suppliers are able to return best offer they can for your energy. Some of the local utilities will need to have a Letter of Authorization)LOA before they release the essential information for pricing to the suppliers.  The LOA is a NON-BINDING document that informs the supplier and utility the customer is actively shopping their electric. Once we have obtained the pertinent information to submit a Request for Pricing(RFP), we schedule a date to present you the customer with available commercial electric rate offers.  The process is simple because there is no need to visit your facility. Everything be done via email or fax and it will only take a few minutes for us to present, than have the customer review the offers, make a choice and then submit a signed contract. We then submit the contract to the electric supplier of your choice and see the process through to ensure the electric rate offer is captured and booked.  We wish to make the process as quick and as easy as we possibly can, so you can continue to focus on your business.


    As a business person, we know you understand the need to control your overhead expense. Electric deregulation and the services provided by OH Electric Rates.com will make the electric suppliers compete for your business. When suppliers compete the consumer benefits!


    About OH Electric Rates


    OH Electric Rates.com was created to assist residential and commercial electric consumers to easily and quickly shop the alternative electric suppliers in your local Ohio utility.  There are an abudance of new electric generation suppliers all claiming to offer the best rates.  Our expertise in the electric deregulated markets allows to research the alternative electric suppliers and filter out the suppliers who cannot compete in the certain Ohio utilities. Our online marketplace helps consumers to make the right choice in selecting the new supplier that will provide their energy at the best electric rates available for their energy.



    Our Energy Services


    Our services include brokering Competitve Electric Rates, Contract Management, Energy Consulting which include Energy Audits and Demand Response. Energy Audits allow the consumer to retrofit their facility with more efficient lighting, HVAC, and updated Energy Management Software.

    Demand Response  is the process of reducing energy consumption at certain intervals. There are three types of demand response - emergency demand response, economic demand response and ancillary services demand response.Emergency demand response is employed to avoid involuntary service interruptions during times of supply scarcity. Economic demand response is employed to allow electricity customers to curtail their consumption when the productive or convenience of consuming that electricity is worth less to them than paying for the electricity. Ancillary services demand response consists of a number of specialty services that are needed to ensure the secure operation of the transmission grid and which have traditionally been provided by generators.


    Ohio Electric Rates Bill Comparisons



    OH Electric Utility Companies or Electric Distribution Companies(EDC’s)


    American Electric Power(AEP)


    Columbus Southern: (800) 277-2177


    Ohio Power: (800) 672-2231


    Dayton Power and Light


    (513) 421-9500


    (800) 544-6900


    Duke Energy


    (937) 331-3900


    (800) 433-8500


    First Energy


    Cleveland Illuminating: (800) 589-3101


    Ohio Edison: (800) 633-4766


    Toledo Edison: (800) 447-3333



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    • Using the historical usage, the Ohio energy providers will send you a quote
    • There is nothing binding at this point until you choose one of the quotes and sign an agreement with the energy provider


Alternative Energy Suppliers

PEPCO Energy Services, Inc.
PEPCO Energy Services can save residential and commercial customers money on their electricity. PEPCO is one of the leading electricity suppliers in the nation and provides a variety choices to meet your electric budget.
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Dominion Retail, Inc. (Peoples Plus)
Dominion Energy provides great electric prices and can stand behind its reputation as a leading Ohio electric supplier. Let Dominion provide your the power to you.
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Direct Energy Services, LLC
Direct Energy is the best choice to meet your electricity needs. Keep your electricity prices down by picking the energy plan that is right for you. Direct Energy is the choice for Ohio electric users.
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Constellation NewEnergy, Inc
Constellation New Energy is a leading electric supplier in the Ohio deregulated electric market. Work with Constellation New Energy to get the best electric price in Ohio. Complete for for an electric quote.
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Buckeye Energy Brokers, Inc.
Buckeye energy is one of Ohio's leading electricity suppliers. Work with Buckeye to save on energy. Complete form for electric price and energy savings.
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DPL Energy
DPL provides great electric prices and can stand behind its reputation as a leading Ohio electric supplier. Let DPL provide the power to you.
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Commerce Energy
Commerce Energy can save money for Ohio electric users. Get the best power rates and save on energy by applying for an electric quote.

Affiliated Power Purchasers, Inc
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Cheap Electric Inc.
Cheap Electric is good at one thing...getting the customer cheap electric. Get the best electric rates and price and work with a power supplier who can save your residential or commercial facility money on electric. Fill out form for electric quote.
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Delaware Valley Energy Solutions
Green Energy and energy management are only a couple of the options that seperates Delaware Valley Energy Solutions from other electricity suppliers. Work with DelVal Energy to get Cheap Electric prices and save money on energy.

Commerce Energy, Inc
Commerce Energy can save money for Ohio electric users. Get the best power rates and save on energy by applying for an electric quote.
The Power to Choose Electric Savings